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Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul

We all have egos. That little voice in our heads telling us how good or how bad we are.

A little nag to remind us how we need to stack up. A pinch that we're not up to snuff. That we fell short and aren't worth the time.

I almost think the ego is in our heads, the soul is our gut...deep in our core.

Maybe half-baked thoughts here, friends, but bear with me.

The ego in our heads causes us to be pulled away from the moment. Away from the here and now.

Whereas when we're at our best, we're out of our heads, and connected deeply to ourselves. We find our greatness with spontaneity. We encounter our greatest performance when we aren't thinking about it, but when our bodies just do.

Nike says "Just Do It" not "Just Think It"...right?

The ego floats and dances around responsibility, whereas our gut reminds us of our true north. Of the direction we know we need to go, and the steps to take to get there.

Our egos create smoke and mirrors for us to navigate when trying to compare against him or her or them. Our core soul trusts our body to do the job it's been trained to do.

When we're in our heads, things spin and swirl and fly all around. When we play in our soul we are grounded in who we are.

In this time away from rinks, starve the ego, feed the soul.

Quiet your mind and listen to your body. Chances are, it's been speaking this whole time, but just softly so the ego drowns it out with incessant chatter.

Take time, just with yourself. Away from the screen. Away from family. Maybe it's outside in the sun. Or the rain, feeling the drops as they splash your skin.

Find comfort in uncomfortable boredom. Boredom won't kill you.

Be away. Be quiet. Connect with the core.

Stay frosty, friends.


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