Stillwater Pro/Am

4 Pros, 12 Elite High School Varsity, AAA, Junior, and College goalies. At this unique, limited training camp, you'll develop alongside some of the best goalies in the world. 

St. Croix Valley Recreation Center - August 15-19


About Stillwater Pro/Am

Prepare with the Best


You won't want to miss this. In our inaugural Pro/Am camp, we'll bring 4 Pro goalies (NHL, AHL, etc.) to train with you in beautiful, Stillwater, Minnesota. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


How it works

To keep the training intense, specialized, and highly competitive, we're allowing only 8 goaltenders on the ice at a time. Every day will feature two ice sessions. While one group is on-ice, the other will be off, doing Yoga and/or Video. During one session, each of our 4 Pros will be matched up with one of our 12 elite Amateurs. During the other session, the other 8 Amateurs will train separately. Then, on day two, a different group of 4 Amateurs will join the Pros, and so on. On day four, we will all vote on the hardest working, most driven goalies of the four amateurs...we try to answer the question: who deserves to go back with the Pros?

This format will ensure that each Amateur receives individual attention from not only our staff of NHL and Junior goalie coaches but from Professional goalies themselves. Additionally, there is a high incentive to put it all on the line throughout the week to have the opportunity to rejoin the Pros on the last day. 

What you receive

  • 2.5-3 hours on-ice training and development daily

  • Off-Ice and athleticism training

  • Daily Yoga sessions

  • Daily Classroom, Video Review, and Chalk-Talk with NHL Coach Steve Briere

  • All-inclusive experience (hotel, meals, transportation, airport pickup all included)

  • Evening activities in beautiful Stillwater, MN!

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Details & Logistics

Pro/Am Details

This experience will be unlike any you've ever encountered. Train with pros while being treated like one! We will stay at some of Stillwaters nicest hotels in the heart of downtown overlooking the St Croix river. 

Because this is sure to be a high-demand opportunity, we are accepting applications first, and will invite goaltenders from this pool. Want to be considered? Submit your application today!

In addition to the training, we will provide the following support to help you have an unforgettable week:

  • On-Site athletic trainer

  • Biosteel pre-and-post skate nutrition products, including sample products

  • Customized shaker-bottle, notebook, and other classroom materials

  • On-Site skate sharpening and tape stock

  • CPGS apparel package - hats, hoodies, tees, and more

  • Equipment fitting from TRUE

  • On-Site equipment and gear manager, including laundry

  • High-energy training environment



Travel & Logistics


The Stillwater ProAm Camp runs Sunday-Thursday, August 15-19.


Cost, $3,000 USD, no discount for locals, must board to participate.


Remember, everything is included once you land at MSP or arrive at the arena! You don't have to worry about anything else. We have hotel, food, transport, and activities all covered for you. 

If you're a boarding goalie driving in on Sunday, you can go right to the arena. Details to come. 


If you are flying, please arrange for flights to arrive before 4 PM on Sunday, August 15th. We will provide airport pick-up at 4:30 PM on Sunday. Airport is Minneapolis-St Paul, code MSP




Recommended Packing List

Required Items Include

  • Goalie Equipment & Sticks 

  • Personal Items (Toiletries, Prescriptions, etc.)

  • Tennis / Crosstraining / Running Shoes

  • 1 Long-Sleeve / Hoodie & 1 Wind-Breaker & Sweat Pants (may get cold or rainy)

  • Sunscreen

  • Swim Wear


Questions? Please email 


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