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Decades of Elite Goalie & Player Development

Canadian Professional Hockey is comprised of two main components: Canadian Professional Goalie Schools and Canadian Professional Hockey Schools.


Canadian Professionals was the first to have NHL players as camp instructors. Starting back in 1964, players such as Bobby Hull, Brett Hull, Dennis Hull, Bobby Leiter, Ted Irvine, Wayne Fleming, and Nick Dowd were all part of the CPHS program.


Today we continue the CPHS tradition of forging new paths with our Canadian Professional Goal Scoring Camps. Thinking outside the box, the camp was created by NHL, USHL, NAHL, and College GOALIES! That’s right, Goalies! Who better to know the hardest shots to stop than goalies. The camp was developed by Goalies and is run by elite and professional Player-Coaches. This combination is the perfect formula for creating a successful, smarter goal scorer. The camps are run in conjunction with Canadian Professional Goaltending Camps. Shooters need Goalies and the Goalies need Shooters!


At Canadian Professional Goalie Schools we focus on all aspects of goaltending from skating and movement, to save selections, to the deeper elements: the mental side of the game & vision performance.


CPGS believes in the philosophy of situational goaltending, meaning that there are many different ways to stop the puck depending on the individual situation. Goaltenders are built differently, think differently and react differently. As a result of this, each goaltender will play each puck differently. At CPGS we build a solid foundation of fundamentals that allows us to teach goaltenders the various ways to apply the save selections in various situations. The CPGS style has enabled our instructors to teach goaltenders of all levels no matter what size, age, gender and caliber.


Each camp consists of ice time followed or preceded by off ice training and classroom, which includes video review. Our mission is to teach goalies and players about having Passion for the game, Education for their position, and Excellence in execution.


The CPGS Team

Steve Briere

Toronto Maple Leafs,

NHL Goalie Coach


Josh Aycock

Aberdeen Wings, NAHL Goalie Coach


Jordan Marr

Peterborough Phantoms,

British Professional League


Renny Marr

Swindon Wildcats,

British Professional League


Benjamin Sakaria

Vannas Hockey Club,

Swedish Pro Division 1


Rock Boynton

Milwaukee School of Eng.,

NCAA Division III


Connor Close

Aberdeen Wings, NAHL


Travis (Army) Armstrong

Roanoke, VA, Pro Hockey Player

Director of Player Camps


Canadian Professional Goalie Schools


3373 Maureen Lane
Stillwater, MN 55082

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