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    Year-Round Goalie     Mentorship Program

We want to be a part of your journey and career path in hockey. Whether you are a youth, high school, Junior, or College goalie, we want to help you achieve your dreams and goals. The Year-Round Mentorship Program provides aspiring athletes the coaching, mentorship, and 'business plan' they need to excel and reach the higher levels of hockey.


About the Year-Round Goalie Mentorship Program

Achieve your dreams with us!

Work exclusively with NHL Goalie Coach, Steve Briere!

Our goal with the CPGS Year Round Mentorship Program is to be your complete, all round goalie coach. We have collaborated with leading development experts to bring you the total development package: from training to personal promotion.


The key advantage with our mentorship program is that you can come to us for all of your training needs, rather than hiring out several coaches for individual needs.


For many athletes, in order to receive adequate training, it involves a rotation of coaches. One for on-ice training, one for off-ice training and then one to work on the mental side of the game, or for visual performance. It is our goal and mission to bring to you, all of these important training methods in one comprehensive program which is outlined below.

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About the Year Round Program

The Details

About the Training

The Year-Round Mentorship program enables goalies to take advantage of several types of skill development in one place. Your in-season business plan will include:


  • On-Ice Drills & Training for everyday use

  • Off-Ice Stretching Manual and Exercises

  • Visual Performance Exercises

  • Mental Strength & Mindset Reading, Activities, and Exercises

  • Video Analysis 

  • Help with marketing yourself to Junior, College, and Professional coaches and scouts

  • Texts, calls and video calls with Coach Briere


We will teach you the ins and outs of the Junior & College recruiting process and how you can market yourself & build relationships with coaches and scouts.


Many goaltenders have the hopes and dreams of playing at the highest levels, but few can actually make it happen. The ones who do, receive help and training from a village of supporters. They have coaches, advisors, mentors, friends, and family helping them along. We want to be all of that for you.  


Do you have what it takes? Will you join us?

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