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Mix in a Work Day

You think you work hard. I sure thought I did.

But you're not close.

I wasn't either. I'm still not.

I thought I was doing the right things at practice. Working hard. Giving effort for each puck. Each chance to test my mettle.

But nope. Looking back, there was oh so much more I could have given.

And I think you can give more too.

You think you're doing enough, but you need to do more. More than who, you ask? More than yourself.

More than you did yesterday.

More than you are doing right now.

More than you think you need to be doing.

I think oftentimes we look around and see what other people are doing to gauge our own work ethic.

"Well, I'm working harder than he is or she is!" "I'm the hardest worker on my team" You get the point.

We look to external sources of validation for what we're doing, or what we're avoiding.

We look to others: our coaches, our parents, our teammates and friends...rather than at ourselves.

So my challenge to you, the next time you practice or have a workout: go ballistic. You're an animal. Who cares about being tired? Who cares about how you'll look?

I think too often we pull ourselves up short, avoiding the pain and struggle required to really see growth.

Without risk, there's no reward. Without struggle, there's not as much growth.

You could certainly go to practice and be smooth, controlled, and poised. But your explosiveness, aggressiveness, and grinding mindset wouldn't be worked at all.

Work it all. Absolutely torch yourself! Make each rep a 3rd period rep. Hold nothing back. Follow every, EVERY rebound through. Who cares about the next shot!? There's only one puck in a game.

Get after it. Look inward. Focus on the growth in your muscles when you feel them screaming for more oxygen. Focus on the improvement building within your veins, rather than the fog that it causes.

Hard is good.

Hard is good.

Hard is good.

Hard is good.

Hard is good.

Hard = good.

Hard = good.

Hard = good.

Hard = growth.

Growth = long-term success.

Take your baseline and move it up. And then move it up again.

Get after it.

Stay frosty, friends.


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