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#4: Breathe. Reset. Repeat. - 1 Piano Video, 8 Goaltending Principles

This is the halfway point! #4 in my 8-part series related to the video below...

How do you get your emotions back under control? When you're stressed, worried, anxious, and feeling out of sorts, what brings you back to clarity?

I wrote on it a little bit ago (linked here)...breath is the ultimate calmer.

As you can see in the video too, there are two separate times that I pause and breathe. Remember, I'm not a natural pianist nor performer. So the stress was real for me.

When you focus on your breath, everything else fades into the background. Your mind clears. You forget about the pressure. You forget about the stakes.

If you're fully centered on your breath, you can move forward with emotional and mental control.

Think about it! Imagine a flurry, scrum, and ongoing zone pressure. What happens? Your heart rate spikes, adrenaline floods your veins, and muscles accrue lactic acid and begin feeling heavy.

Your thoughts may cloud. You may begin to think of how tired you are. Of how thirsty you are from your work. Every additional thought takes you further away from the play.

But you get a good shot and control the rebound. Whistle comes.


My challenge to you is that every time you hear a whistle - whether it's practice or a game, for an offsides call or a covered puck - it becomes a reminder to breathe.

Use each small break as an opportunity to consciously reset. To refresh. And re-engage.

Every whistle. Breathe. And feel the stress melt away.

Stay frosty, friends.


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