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Finally! I've learned about breathing.

"After one year in a monastery [temple], a Zen monk complained, 'All I have learned is about breathing.'  

After five years in the monastery, the monk complained, 'All I have learned about is breathing.'  

When he reached enlightenment, the elderly monk smiled and said, 'Finally, I have learned about breathing.'"

Your breathing gradually becomes short and shallow when you feel stressed out and on edge. When this happens, your body doesn't take in as much oxygen, and muscle tension increases.

Being mindful of your breath will help you relax, relieve tension, and bring you back into the moment rather than searching too far ahead or behind the present. 

Be mindful of your breath, and throughout your days this week, Count the Fours.

This means, count 4 seconds on the inhale, hold for 4 seconds, then count 4 seconds on the exhale out. It's a 4-4-4 pattern. Do this 2 or 3 times at a time to bring yourself back to the present.

Your mental tasks this week:

Monitor your breath...'check-in' with yourself throughout the day.  Are you breathing fully and deeply or short and shallow?

When you find yourself breathing shortly or when you're out of breath, take a moment to Count the Fours.  Breathe in your belly for deeper breath! Notice when you feel stress or tension, Count the Fours to return to peace. When you go to bed and rise, Count the Fours for five sets right as you turn out the light or shut off the alarm!

Don't forget to breathe, friends. Stay frosty.


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