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Picking the Right Opportunities - Sorting Through the Options

As I've mentioned before, it can be hard to decide which Junior opportunities you should go after. Oftentimes, your options are mutually exclusive.

When you pick one, you miss out on another.

So you must make the most of your short window to make team tryouts and camps.

Chances are, you've begun to receive emails from people and teams all over the place. You don't know which ones are legit and which ones aren't.

You're not sure about which opportunity will give you the best chance. You don't know which teams actually need goalies or are just grasping at straws.

You need to make the most of your limited opportunities!

And even when you do pick, you have to just go and play games and hope that you get the right kind of shots.

If your team is bad, too many chances against means you'll be scored on a lot and look like you struggled. If your team is too good, then maybe you don't see any shots at all! That's like the kiss of can't show what you can do.

This is where you need another option. And I think we have that for you.

Our Prospects Showcase in May allows goalies like you to gain potential opportunities with many Junior teams at once, coming to one location...and we're all about goalies!

We partner with USHL, NAHL, Canadian Jr. A, and other Junior teams across North America to connect goalies with opportunities they'd be a good fit for.

During our camp process, goalies are put through rigorous evaluation using game-situation goalie specific drills. There are no games to play...we try to control the environment as much as possible so that each goalie can show us what they do!

We have a fantastic track record of helping place goalies with next-level teams. Just check out our alumni list! (Link to alumni list here).

You and I both know that goaltending goes beyond just on-ice technique and skill. It takes an athlete, a competitive individual to man the net and make a difference for his team night in and night out. We understand all of this, which is why we also assess each goalies' MENTAL and ATHLETIC tools, as well as VISUAL ability. If you can't see the puck, you can't stop it!

Anyway, our aim is to better evaluate goalies and place them with Junior teams who are a fit. We are proud to help guys from all over the world find spots in Junior.

If you want more information on our Prospects Showcase for Goalies, please follow this link or click on "Prospects Showcase" at the top of the page.

We hope to see you in May.

Stay frosty.


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