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Filling Your Mental Bank Account

Imagine your mind as a bank account.  

We want to have full bank accounts. We want millions and millions of dollars in our accounts.

How do we add money to our accounts? 

Simple: good, positive, encouraging thoughts are "deposits", adding money to your mental bank account.

Every mental deposit represents energy that you'll be able to use when it comes to practice and game time.

Similarly, negative, frustrated, angry, or defensive thoughts are "withdrawals" from the account. 

The more positively you think, the more your bank account fills, and the more energy, effort, and intensity you'll have to spend on practices and games!

It's hard to enjoy something when you're always beating yourself up over mistakes. If anything, positive thinking through mistakes and hardship doubles your deposits!

If you can focus your mind when you face adversity, when the going gets tough, then you'll be more prepared when (not if) something similar comes along.

Hockey is just one part of your life, but training your mind to become a better goalie in turns helps you overcome hard things everywhere!

Your Tasks this Week:

Really focus on making "deposits" in your mental bank account. Think about each good thought adding a dollar to your account.

A good thought is an "energy deposit", something you can use later in competition. Think about how an energy deposit every day now will add up by the time the season rolls around!

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