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The Cart and the Horse

Let me tell you a story.

A story of a goalie. Maybe this story is about you...

This goaltender was the total package. Explosive yet controlled, poised and calm under pressure, reflexes of a cat. They seemed to have everything dialed in.

It was early in the season and had something to prove. Something to prove to their parents. To their coach and teammates. To the evaluators and teams who passed them by.

One game, in particular, was very lopsided. Shots were 35-12. But winning 1-0 thanks to an early powerplay goal.

Time dwindled off the clock. 10 minutes left. 5 minutes. The goalie began thinking of the praise to come for their stellar game-saving performance. Thinking of the shutout and how their stats will look because of it.

1:34 on the clock. 94 seconds to glory! An opposing forward enters the zone and comes down on the flank. The defenseman steps up to front the forward, but not in time before a shot is released.

Fresh off the most recent daydream of the shutout win result, the goalie approaches the situation late. The shot catches them off guard. It beats them five-hole.

Game tied 1-1.

The goalie is devastated internally. Thinking now of what could've been.

Overtime begins and two opposing forwards catch a break, coming in 2-0 and score. Game over...2-1 OT loss.

The end.

I'm fairly confident we all can relate to a situation such as this. We get excited about a potential result and get lost worrying about it. We focus on the endgoal instead of the process right in front of our face.

We put the cart before the horse (ahhh I was wondering where carts and horses fit into all this).

Have you ever seen a cart pull a horse? How well does that normally work out? There's a reason the adage rings so true...there is a process to get anywhere. The horse has to be in front of the cart to pull it! (duh Josh, thanks for that brilliant insight).

Focus on the process has to be in front, before the endgoal.

The process gets us to our endgoal. The process creates our desired result.

Glance at your endgoal. Laser focus on your process.

Stay Frosty


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