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Seasons Change

Here in Stillwater, Minnesota, the seasons are changing. It's apparent. The leaves turn a bright red, orange, or papery brown and float to the ground, exposing the bare bone branches to continually dropping temperatures.

The summer is gone. 2020 is almost gone. We're only 11 weeks away from the turn of another new year...and hopefully a better one, at that.

But the seasons change nonetheless. Today comes, and then it goes. And tomorrow too.

Some of you may be entering a new hockey season. Elsewhere, the hopes of having a season at all slim and slim.

But there's an opportunity here. Don't forget that. The change will cause many goaltenders and people (myself included) to realize what's most important to them. Having newfound clarity about your goals and mission, you'll be able to go all-in again...even after a year worth moving on from.

There are lessons in hardship. There are opportunities for growth. There is hope when you take your destiny within your hands, and do what you can with today. There is hope when you release your destiny to what it will be, and do what you can with today.

There's a paradox to seasons. Some things end. Some things begin. Death. And rebirth. Holding things tightly keeps them close. Holding too tightly causes a limited mindset, and we miss the other opportunities that might be in front of us.

There is nuance. There is subtlety.

But each day that you have an opportunity to show up and move forward, you show up, and you put in the work.

Whether you have full-on team practices, captains' skates, or are limited to small pods and private ice still, you have that opportunity today. Even if you have no ice, you have an opportunity today.

What will you make of your opportunity?

The seasons will change. That is outside of you. You can't control it.

The hockey season may or may not happen as you expect. That is outside of you. You can't control it.

Change is inevitable. How will you adapt? How will you adjust?

What will you do with today?

Stay frosty, friends.


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