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Optimal Intensity

Oftentimes, we make too big a deal out of some things that don't really matter, and not enough of a deal about others that do! 

How many times have you gone into a game amped with a "must-win" mentality? Compare that to how many times have you gone into a practice tired, bored, or uninterested?

We want to find the ideal zone of intensity.  As goalies, we can't be too low, and can't be too high.

Our energy should be in balance. In delicate balance.

When we're low, we're fall behind the play and sometimes can't catch up. When playing too high, we're diving and flying all over the ice, maybe trying to do too much.

It's nuanced (energy level is on a spectrum).

There are certainly times you have to be aggressive and attack the play. Then there are others that you might have to let it come to you.

Learn to throttle up and when to throttle down. Learn the balance of adding emotion versus calming things down.

Throttling Up: we throttle up when a game or practice requires more focus, attention, and energy from us.

Here are some ways you can throttle up and get more intense during practices & games.

Repeat energizing thoughts to yourself, such as "Yes, I can!", "This is my game!", or "All me tonight!"

Listen to upbeat, high tempo music. Maybe think about your favorite song or let the game tunes amp you up.

Show positive and powerful body language.

Visualize a ferocious animal, occurrence, or object (lion, volcanic eruption, battleship) and embrace that power & energy.

Throttling Down: we throttle down when we are too high, energetic, or jumpy and need to bring an element of control to our games and ourselves. We also throttle down when in-between periods to go into the next one refreshed and ready to go.

Here are ways you can throttle down and relax during practices & games.

Take 3-5 calming breaths.

Imagine a calm, serene picture or place (rolling waves on the ocean, mountain lake, gentle breeze rustling leaves, etc).

Stretch lightly.

Think a calming mantra, maybe "Shot in, save out"

Count out your breath with the 4's or 6's (4 seconds in, 4 seconds out, same with 6).

Your Tasks this Week:

Understanding and controlling our peak intensity level is crucial in becoming a consistent and reliable athlete.

Focus on your intensity and energy levels. Think of times you need to throttle up or down. Ask your coaches what they think of your intensity and effort levels. Maybe your perception is different than theirs.

Stay frosty, friends.


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