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The Happiness Lab

Hi friends, we could all use a little pep talk, couldn't we?

I recently listened to another installment of one of my favorite podcasts: The Happiness Lab, by Dr. Laurie Santos. She and her colleagues are doing a special series to help people like you and me work through being socially distanced.

So the thoughts I'm about to share are not my own, which means that if you want to fully understand, you need to listen to the podcast episodes yourself. I'm just not going to be able to summarize nor explain things as well as if you just listen yourself.

This all refers to the Coronavirus Bonus series. Here are links to listen on a variety of platforms.

Ok, anyway, back to our pep-talk.

We've talked before about using positive self talk to work through challenging situations in the net.

When you give up a goal, make a mistake, or even a fantastic save, your language to yourself greatly impacts how you move on.

We talk about how staying positive is important. How thinking good thoughts ultimately helps you play better.

But let's take it a step further. Let's be our own coaches. Let's coach ourselves and give ourselves pep talks - in the third person.

So for me, instead of saying "Ok, I've got this, I can move forward, I'm gonna be alright," it changes to a third-person view.

My pep talk becomes: "Come on Josh, you know you've been through worse" "You've got this Josh, you'll overcome" "It's only hard right now...Josh think about how much you're building resilience and will be better when this is all over".

Treat yourself like someone you're responsible to help. Treat yourself like an encouraging coach would treat you.

Be strong with your self-talk. Inspire confidence in how you think. Bring your strength forward to the world.

The 2nd episode of the series covers this exactly. It shows that third-person self-talk greatly improves resilience and your feelings of strength.

So start giving yourself pep-talks. Remind yourself of your capability.

Again, make sure you listen to the podcast episodes themselves...great information!

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