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Being Good vs Being LEGIT

Super short one here today.

Don't just be good, be LEGIT.

Good goalies practice hard and work hard in the gym.

LEGIT goalies capitalize on every opportunity to improve. LEGIT goalies push through being uncomfortable to get even just a little more out of their workout.

Good goalies know that there's lots of other goalies trying to do the same thing they are.

LEGIT goalies leave nothing up to chance. They take ownership of their lives and their games, and CHOOSE to out-prepare, out-hustle, and out-think their competition.

Good goalies have a routine, they skate, go to the gym for a workout, and try to eat right.

LEGIT goalies are disciplined. They know their time is limited, so they make the most of every minute.

Good goalies have their lives together pretty well. They're pretty responsible.

LEGIT goalies are PROS. They handle their business, go above and beyond the call of duty, and make the most out of all opportunities.

Don't settle for being just Good. Be LEGIT. Be someone that everyone wants on their team.

That's all.


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