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Excellence is a Habit

Aristotle is credited with the saying, "we are what we repeatedly do...excellence then, is not an act, but a habit".

Excellence is a daily occurrence. It's a state of being, a state of thinking.

Excellence is a process, one step at a time. It is a slow journey, and the fruits are seen only after a long period of developing excellent skills.

Do you think athletes at the highest levels just show up? No way!

Their process took many many years of practice, dedication, and resilience. They kept going, even when their outlook was grim.

Being great means putting in the work regardless of how you feel. There are certainly times I'm sure you don't feel excellent. I've been there.

There are times you don't want to wake up and go get a workout in.

There are times you get beat in practice and feel discouraged about your skills and your game.

There are times you choose to forego your diet and splurge on soda, junk snacks, and pizza.

But excellence is a daily practice. You must practice becoming excellent at anything. A habit is a practice that becomes a part of your daily routine.

So how can you incorporate excellence into your day? What will you do to the fullest of your ability?

How will you show those around you that you're on another level? How will you prove to yourself that you have more left in the tank?

Excellence is a habit. Make it as regular as brushing your teeth (which, hopefully is a habit anyway).

Don't just expect yourself to be excellent when you encounter grand situations. You must do the work, walk the walk habitually...daily.

Being the best is a habit...not something that just happens.

Make excellence a habit.

Stay frosty.


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