Year Round Goalie Coach

It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the Winter months already. It
feels like we were just running our Summer Camp Programs! With that being
said, hockey is once again in full swing and we hope that you are settled
on your team and position and you are ready to face the season ahead! As
always, please feel free to contact us at anytime for words of advice or
even to share a success story. We always look forward to hearing how you
are progressing in your game.

Over the past couple of years, Coach Steve Briere, has developed a Year
Round Goalie Coaching Program that we are excited to share with you.
Please take a few moments to read on as it may be of great benefit to you
and the improvement of your game.

“My Goal, with the CPGS Year Round Goalie Program, is to be your
complete, personal Goalie Coach throughout your development. I have put
together all the leading experts in each of the major development areas
for a Goalie, to bring you the total development package: from training to
I have designed the program with three development periods which are,
pre-season development, during-season development and post-season
development. For many Goalies, in order to receive on-ice training you
have to work with one Coach and then find another for off-ice training.
The same goes for vision training, yet again you are in search of a third
Coach. With the CPGS Year Round Goalie Program I bring to you all of these
important training methods in one comprehensive program.” – Steve Briere

Here at CPGS we offer 4 different packages to suit your needs. For package
information, feel free to visit
for more details.

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