Being Humble Pays Off

Being Humble Pays Off


All of us know the goalie that thinks he is God’s gift to hockey. Most of the time that kinds of attitude rubs people the wrong way and down the road those are the kinds of goalies that stumble. Think of the way Roberto Luongo handled a win in the Stanley Cup Finals two years ago, and also think about how Tim Thomas reacted to Luongo’s comments. If you haven’t seen these interviews check them out on youtube! This is a perfect example of how being humble pays off.


Tim Thomas is defiantly one of the most confident goalies in the NHL, but he is also one of the most humble. Most of Thomas’ teammates spent there day with the Cup this summer playing golf or partying with friends and family. Thomas’ chose to return to his hometown of Flint Michigan. His day with the Cup included a Church service in the morning, as well as bringing the Cup back to his alma-mater Davidson High School for a ceremony. The ceremony included a speech from Thomas as well as allowing everyone at the ceremony to come up and see and touch; The Cup, Vezina, and Conn Smythe Trophies.


It is acts like these that separates Tim Thomas from other goalies in the NHL. His humility and confidence combined make the perfect mental make up for a goalie to be successful. If you bring Thomas’ attitude into your life you will be a better goalie and a better teammate.

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