3 Factors to Improving Your Game

Three Key Factors to Improve Your Game


The more you progress in hockey the more attitude, confidence, and compete level will separate you from other goalies. In youth hockey athletic ability is the main thing that separates one young net-minder from another. As you progress, and mature through your hockey career, I believe there are three main contributors that allow goaltenders to separate from pretenders with equal or maybe even more talent than you feel you have.


First is your attitude.  In every sport athletes play their best when they are, plain and simple, having fun. Goaltenders are no different. Hockey is an incredible game, we are all blessed to be able to play. Recognize that, and you will have no problem being on the ice for hours at a time. Not because someone told you to, but because it is fun and you love the game. A perfect example of this is Tim Thomas. He is a two-time Vezina trophy winner, Stanley Cup, and Conn Smythe winner as well. Playing hockey is his job yet in an interview during the Bruins run to the cup during these past playoffs he said, “ I am having fun just like I did when I was a little kid, my love for the game hasn’t changed since I first put on the skates.” Another great example of this is Curtis Joseph in a interview about his road to the NHL he said “I never really thought I was going make it, even when I was in college.  I was surprised the NHL scouts were looking at me because I had never been looked at before.  Then, when I first got to the Blues I was the happiest kid in the world.  I was excited, that’s for sure.  I’m still excited. This is the best job in the world.” Always have fun and enjoy you time on the ice and at the rink. It is a key part to your success as an athlete.


“Look guys settle down, I’m not going to give up anymore and you guys just go out and get the winner now.” That’s what Patrick Roy said to his teammates during intermission in between the 2ndand 3rd overtimes of a Stanley Cup final game in 1993 on his way to leading to Canadians to their 2nd Cup in less than eight years. If that quote doesn’t exude confidence I don’t know what does. The second key to factor is confidence. At the NHL level every goalie is incredibly talented but the incredible confidence Patrick Roy showed during his career could ultimately be to thank for making him arguably the best to ever put on the pads. If you think you can do something you can, don’t let others tell you otherwise. A confident goalie is the toughest to beat. So give the shooter glove side because you know your fast enough to make the save.


If you ask any Junior, College, or Professional coach what they look for in a goalie one of there top three is my third key factor to improve your game, compete level. Goalies like Martin Brodeur, and Tim Thomas  do not really have any sort of style, they stop pucks simply because they never give up on a puck. Of course positioning and other technical components allow them to make saves as well, but they make more saves that they shouldn’t because of how hard they compete and how badly they want to stop the puck.  You will be amazed at what happens if you keep battling for a puck that you have no right stopping.


So go out enjoy your time on the ice, be confident, and compete as hard as you can. I guarantee you will see your numbers go up and your playing time increase.



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