Our Prospects Showcase is intended for serious, competitive goaltenders trying to break into Junior and NCAA hockey. The showcase is an intense 3-day camp spanning Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. 


All goaltenders will be evaluated in 4 key areas: On-Ice Skill & Technique (obviously), Off-Ice Athleticism, Vision Performance Skills, and will receive a Mindset & Personality assessment.


For the May 2021 Showcase, eligible birth years are 2001-2005.


We promote goaltenders in one of three ways:

  1. Coaches and scouts on ice and in attendance.
  2. Direct referrals and recommendations to our network of coaches & scouts. We've worked with 6 USHL, 20 NAHL, and other CJHL (Canadian Jr. A) and Tier 3 teams to place goalies in competitive situations.
  3. We create video profiles for each goaltender, including their On-Ice film and all assessment reports. These are published to an online platform, where goalies can then share their profile with other scouts & coaches.


All Room, Board, Meals are all provided. You won't have to find & pay for a hotel or food on top of the camp cost. Goalies must arrange their own transportation at the beginning and end of camp. Other than that, we have everything covered for goalies throughout the weekend.

Camp Will Include: 

  • 4.5-5 Hours of On-Ice Evaluation (3 x 1.5 Hour Sessions)

  • On-Ice Sessions are Video-Recorded

  • We edit and publish your film for you to an online platform to share and market to teams.

  • Personality Assessment courtesy of Coaching2Connect

  • Vision Performance Assessment courtesy of McDonald Eye Care

  • Off-Ice Athleticism Testing & Evaluation


A list of alumni can be found at this link.


Our mission through the Prospects Showcase is to provide goaltenders around the world with the opportunity to showcase their talents in a unique and proprietary environment that is conducive to allowing goaltenders to showcase their skills and abilities.


This camp allows goalies to exhibit their mental, physical (Strength and Flexibility), and visual attributes...all skills normally overlooked at other evaluation camps. We bring high-level shooters out too, and put goalies through various game-situation drills to see how they think, act, and play.


Most traditional showcases have no goaltender-specific evaluation involved. They simply recruit kids and allocate them to a team to play games. Unfortunately, they have very little control over true evaluation. Once the goaltender has finished the camp they are on their own to start all over again at the next camp.


At CPGS, we strive to develop long-term relationships with our goaltenders, providing guidance throughout their careers. Our showcase is built by goaltenders for goaltenders, and used as a vital recruiting tool for coaches in the USHL, NAHL, and USPHL, as well as various Canadian Junior leagues.

Prospects Showcase

Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Easy Payments
$497.50monthly/ 2 months
  • For the Prospects Showcase, all hockey and evaluation activities are included in the cost, as well as room & board, meals, and transportation to and from the rink. From the time you arrive on Friday to the time you leave on Sunday, we'll take care of everything for you.


    We will stay at Courtyard Marriott Bloomington, and will provide transportation throughout the weekend as well.