At Canadian Professional Hockey Schools we strive to make each camp or training session fun and as beneficial as possible for each and every one of our students. Fun is the ultimate base and allows each student to grow their love for their game and position. I am sure you have been told or maybe even said, ”Do what you love to do and you will never work again”. FUN breeds passion and passion breeds a desire to improve and be the best you can be. Excellence in training breeds greatness.


Our mission is to instill PASSION for the game, EDUCATION in each chosen position along with life lessons and EXCELLENCE in execution no matter what you do. Finally, we instill TRADITION. We believe a strong step forward comes from an understanding and appreciation for what has come before.


At CPHS we cover a wide range of skills from skating and passing to shooting and checking etc., but our strength and focus is on Goal Scoring. We have created a Goal Scoring Camp Program developed by NHL, USHL, NAHL, and College Goalies! That’s right! Goalies! Who better to teach where to score than the guys trying to stop them! This program, combined with the knowledge of our coaches who were all players, creates the best combination of the players perspective and the goalies perspective to create amazing results.


We have had so much success that NHL players use our training methods throughout the season to keep them sharp and improve their scoring prowess. We assure all our campers that taking part in the CPHS Program will be a game changer and is highly recommended to players at each and every level.


The Details

• 8-12 hours (depending on camp location) of player dedicated ice time, working on various skills such as power skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting

• Industry-leading drills to get players into positions to score

• Outline of all the shot selections and which ones to use when

• Daily curriculum outlining specific areas to shoot at various positions

• Drills incorporated with goaltenders to allow for game like situations

• 4 – 5 hours of classroom instruction with video review techniques

• 4 – 5 hours of off-ice conditioning and goal scoring training

Player Youth Development Camps

Camp Location
  • Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis. Wherever possible, credits will be offered for conflicts that arise after registration, but with more than 4-weeks notice before camp. No refunds nor credits will be offered within 7 days of camp start.

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