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Take Control

Everything is within your control. EVERYTHING.

Well, let me explain.

There is that which is within your control. Then there is that which may be out of your immediate influence, but you control how you perceive and respond to it.

You get to decide if you're going to let something or someone distract you. You control if you're going to let the doubters and trash talkers get in your head. You control if you'll let small inconveniences or obstacles derail your mindset.

You control how you react to getting punched in the mouth. You control how you move on after you get cut...or traded...or told you're not good enough.

That's it. And that control is significant.

You're trying to move on. On and up. You have goals to achieve. You have dreams. Take control of them. They're within your grasp.

But your dreams will slip right through your fingers if you think someone is going to do it for you. Or if you think you deserve it now and are getting screwed over. Or if you think you should've had more starts, but the coach just didn't like you.

You get to decide how you perceive those events.

You can either take control and take ownership of your situation and move on for the better.

Or you can get wrapped up in your ego and thinking that everything is unfair and stacked against you (which it may or may not be...who cares?).

Think about everyone who is trying to do the same exact thing as you. How many do you think?

You have to imagine that your odds are 1:50 at best. Think about that...two goalies per team changes 1 in 50 to 2 in 100.

Junior and College teams likely have 100+ goalies on their radar at any one time. How do you differ from that pack? How do you make yourself #1 or #2 out of a pool of 50, 100, 200 or more?

Consider what coaches want on their teams.

Most teams need to win because winning is the best way to put butts in seats and continue recruiting top talent.

Be the guy that they think will bring them the most wins, with the smallest ego in the locker room, and the fewest off-ice issues.

Be the best option.

Prove that you provide value to win. Are you a winner? Do you conduct yourself like a pro? Do you do EVERYTHING within your power to benefit your team above yourself?

If you're not there yet, become the best option.

These are questions only you can answer. And answer them without judgement of yourself. If you see a flaw, fix it. Don't dwell, don't get frustrated...fix it. Improve.

Stay frosty, friends.


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