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#8: Have A Vision...Then Do It - 1 Piano Video, 8 Goaltending Principles

This is the final installment of our 8-part series related to the following video!

This whole thing started at 9:30 PM on Saturday as I was trying to fall asleep. Needless to say, the idea embedded itself in my mind and I couldn't sleep. After writing up my ideas, I finally settled back down and passed out an hour and a half later.

I had a vision late on Saturday. I had an idea.

I mapped it out.

Then executed...On Sunday. The next day.

Not a week later, or a month later. I would have forgotten about the idea and the inspiration would've left me if I waited that long. I would have talked myself out of it. I would have missed out on the uncomfortable growth and may not have met my friend Jimmy.

And remember, this was not an easy thing for me to do. This was hard...uncomfortable.

Countless times between when I thought of the idea Saturday night and when I executed my plan on Sunday afternoon, I tried to talk myself out of it.

But then I did the smallest thing possible first. I put the camera and tripod in the truck.

Then I drove to Creators Space (great place, highly recommended if you need to get some work done or burn some time and you find yourself in downtown St. Paul). That was step 2...actually getting there.

Then I went inside. Still trying to talk myself out of it. But I had a vision.

Before I sat down at the piano bench, I worked at the table adjacent for a good hour or hour and a half. I was procrastinating the inevitable.

But I had a vision.

And I laid out my plan.

So I executed it.

And now you have finished part 8 of this series. I hope you learned something about me in the process, but more importantly, something about yourself.

When you have a goal, when you have a vision, create a plan. Write it down. Tell someone. Hold yourself accountable.

Then execute.

All the hopes and plans and dreams in the world are worthless unless you execute.

Stay frosty friends, until next time.


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