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Forever Family

Hi friends, Happy Canada Day to all our family up north and Happy Independence Day to all of our Americans.

Hitting you right in between the two holidays, to tell you how much you all mean to us. Especially this year.

So much has gone on in recent months, maybe we're all sick of talking about the constant change, the flux, the upheaval in our lives.

But it needs to be stated: you mean the world to us. Without you, we're obviously not in business, but more importantly, without you we have a much smaller family.

Over these years, I've grown up with many of you, goalies. This is summer number 6 for me with the CPGS family. I was so green in my first year, still in the thick of the Junior hockey dream. It's cool to see how far we've all come in that time, especially for me when I see your growth, year after year.

Our coaching staff, your families, have all become a part of mine.

This year obviously looks different than others, for all of us. But please know, if anything, how much this goalie community means to Steve & I. We truly love being coaches, and seeing your smiling faces year after year makes it all the more worth it.

Have fantastic holidays, both in Canada and the States. We wish you & yours health, safety, and prosperity, and are excited for a time when we can be back together on the ice!

Stay frosty, friends.


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