Summer Goaltending Camps

At Canadian Professional Goalie Schools we focus on all aspects of goaltending from skating and movement, to save selections and the mental side of the game. Each camp consists of ice time followed or preceded by off ice training and classroom, which includes video review. Our mission is to teach goalies Passion for the game, Education for the position and Excellence in execution.

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Instructors:  All CPGS summer camps are instructed by Steve Briere or one of his highly trained members of staff.  Steve is a former 10 year Professional Goalie and former Goalie Coach for five Junior level teams in the NAHL, USHL and WSHL. Currently he is the Head Goalie Coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL.

Coaching Style: CPGS believes in the philosophy of situational goaltending, meaning that there are many different ways to stop the puck depending on the individual situation. Goaltenders are built differently, think differently and react differently. As a result of this, each goaltender will play each puck differently. At CPGS we build a solid foundation of fundamentals that allows us to teach goaltenders the various ways to apply the save selections in various situations. The CPGS style has enabled our instructors to teach goaltenders of all levels no matter what size, age, gender and caliber.

Camp Outline:  Each camp consist of on ice instruction, off ice instruction, video analysis and class room instruction. Camps typically run from 9am-3pm daily, Monday to Thursday (occasionally Friday). However, there are a few locations that offer weekend camps.

Our aim is to ensure that each goaltender who attends our camp has an enjoyable experience and receives quality tutoring in all aspects of net minding. The drills are designed based on the individual assessment performed at the beginning of the Camp.

On Ice: There will be 2 – 3 hours per day of on-ice training, depending on the number of camp attendees.  Wherever possible, there will be a 3:1 ratio of shooters to goalies to make sure that each goalie has a wide variety of shots to deal with.

Off Ice: There will be 1 hour of dry land instruction per day. The goalies will learn a  variety of stretches, plyometrics and a number of other goalie specific/reactionary drills. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to utilize off ice training to improve skills and ability on the ice.

Video: There will be 1 hour of video/classroom per day, using Dartfish Video Analysis,  where all students will watch goalie specific educational, instructional and motivational videos.

There are programs for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced goalies of all ages. CPGS aims to offer quality instruction to students at all levels, whether they are just starting out, or already at AAA/High School level.

Three basic levels of instruction:

Level 1: Aimed at goalies who are just starting out up to those who have been playing for a couple of years. Goalies will be taught basic drills and given the skills required to help them progress to the next level. It will help the goalie recognize the types of save which are appropriate to each situation, with emphasis on the actual save.

Level 2: This level is for goalies who have been playing for a couple of years, who are preparing themselves to make the breakthrough to the top ranks. It will go into more depth and technical detail.

Level 3: This is aimed at top level goalies, for example AAA/Junior/High School, who are trying to perfect their position and technique. This level will deal with such aspects as pre and post save positioning in depth, and look at the position from many angles.