CPGS Goaltending Prospects Camp

Canadian Professional Goalie Schools have created the first and only goaltender specific Prospects Camp in the world.

Our mission at CPGS is to provide goaltenders around the world with the opportunity to showcase their talents in a unique and proprietary environment that is conducive to allowing goaltenders to showcase the various aspects of goaltending on and off the ice.

This program is built around exhibiting goaltenders mental, physical (Strength and Flexibility), and vision strengths as well as on ice components such as rebound control, movement, save selections, communication, and puck play. These are all aspects which allow goaltenders to display a complete package of their abilities to play the position.

This program was designed by Steve Briere, Owner and Head Instructor for CPGS.

Coach Briere is the Goalie Coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL and prior to that was Goalie Coach for a number of Junior Teams including the Fargo Force of the USHL, the Des Moines Buccaneers of the USHL, the Topeka RoadRunners of the NAHL,  and the Casper Coyotes of the WSHL. As a goaltender, Steve played in the NCAA D1 and USHL, followed by moving onto the Professional level in the AHL, IHL, ECHL and the Elite league in Britain. He brings over 20 years of instructional experience to the CPGS program.

Most prospects camps have no goaltender specific evaluation involved. They simply recruit as many kids as possible and allocate them to a team but unfortunately they have very little control over true evaluation. Some camps may have an hour dedicated to goaltenders but none of the coaches are really paying attention. Some prospects camps have off ice testing, however none of the tests are goaltender specific. Finally, once the goaltender has finished the camp they are on their own to start all over again at the next camp.

At CPGS we have taken all of these issues and concerns and put together the goaltender dedicated prospects camps. These camps are built by goaltenders for goaltenders and will be used as the recruiting component for coaches in the USHL, NAHL and EJHL, as well as various Canadian Junior Leagues and representation from NCAA Div I and III colleges.

Each goaltender will be filmed on every aspect of the camp and CPGS will create a video library to be used to promote each goaltender. This library can also be updated throughout the season in order to allow scouts the best and most up to date video on each goaltender.

Also unique to the CPGS Prospects Camp, goalies participate in Sports Vision Testing as well as a personality assessment and strength and flexibility testing. These are used to evaluate each individual goaltender so we can therefore get to know them on a personal basis.

Each goaltender will receive 9 hours of on ice instruction as well as 9 hours of off ice and classroom combination. Each goaltender will also receive and complete a recruiting guide.

The CPGS Prospects Camp is the only camp in the world that is dedicated to giving goalies a first class opportunity to showcase their talents over a full weekend to coaches and scouts at the Jr A, NCAA Div I and Div III levels.

Click on the following links to take a look at what our camp attendees had to say and to give you more of an insight into what we can offer.

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Personality testing performed by Gord MacFarlane of Coaching 2 Connect, http://www.coaching2connect.com/index.html