The CPGS Elite camp is designed with 3 goals in mind:

The Canadian Professional Goalie Schools Elite camp is designed for ELITE goaltenders, 15 years of age and up, from around the world. It provides the opportunity to interact with other goaltenders throughout this 5 day overnight camp. The CPGS elite camps were created with three goals in mind:

1) Allow top level goaltenders to showcase their talents to coaches and scouts throughout this 5 day camp.

2) Put goaltenders through an intense, unique and innovative 5 day training program to prepare them for their upcoming season.

3) Have a great time!


In order to create an environment where goaltenders can showcase their talents we have recruited coaches and scouts from the NAHL, USHL, CJHL, NCAA and Professional ranks. This leads to opportunities for goalies to showcase their talents and personalities on and off the ice. We also film most aspects of camp so that it is readily available online for coaches and scouts to access.

Intense, Unique, Innovative Training:

Intensity:     This camp is for goaltenders who have been  recommended by a coach, therefore  allowing CPGS to keep the level of goaltender to a premium and allow for an environment where goaltenders are pushing each other to be better. Along with the top level of goaltenders, we have top level coaches who have played or coached at the Junior, Collegiate and Pro levels, pushing each goaltender to be the best.

Unique and Innovative:     The coaching staff at CPGS brings experience of coaching from countries around the world such as Canada, USA, Finland and the UK, giving a unique and well rounded perspective of the different techniques and philosophies of goaltending. This unique environment allows goaltenders to benefit and adapt to whichever technique works best for them. Along with the unique coaching we have unique training methods that are used to create building blocks to a solid foundation of goaltending.

Fun:   We ensure that each and every attendee enjoys this unforgettable experience. Aside from goaltending we provide a variety of outdoor activities to allow the continuation and importance of working as a team. These activities include:

  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Basketball
  • Football

Specifics:   The Elite Camp provides 10 – 15 hours of on ice instruction throughout the 5 days. There is also at least 5 hours of goalie specific dry land training where we use the facilities used by NCAA division I goaltenders. Included in the dry land training is plyometrics and goalie reactionary drills, all of which are goalie specific.  Goaltenders also receive 5 hours of seminar and video sessions nightly, where Dartfish technology is used to analyze game situations and play. Seminar sessions include:

  • Information on Junior, and College Hockey
  • Conditioning and Nutrition Seminar
  • Mental Strength Training
  • Guest Speakers
  • Video breakdown of each goaltender’s performance during the on ice sessions

Take a look at what we have to offer – Elite Camp, Bemidji, MN