Our Alumni of Goalies who have participated in the Year Round Goalie Coaching program and the Prospects Camp program, is forever growing. Click on the links below to read the kind words that some had to share along with the stats of our Alumni.

We are so proud to continue to work with each and every one of them and support them in striving to make their dreams a reality.


CPGS Testimonials


Vladimir Kramer – KHL Russia – Vladimir Kramar Hockey DB –

Nick Schmidt –  NAHL/Lincoln Draft pick – Nick Schmit Hockey DB

Zach Nagelvoort – NAHL /U of Michigan – Zach Nagelvoort Hockey DB

Ryan Kellenberger – NAHL/ Tufts U – Ryan Kellenberger Hockey DB

Jordyn Kaufer – NAHL/ Concordia College – Jordyn Kaufer Hockey DB

Mike Baldwin – WSHL/ Marian College – Michael Baldwin Hockey DB

Billy Christopoulos – USHL – Billy Christopoulos Hockey DB

Alex Larson – NAHL/Nichols College – Alex Larson Hockey DB

John Sellie-Hanson – Hamline U – John Sellie-Hanson Hockey DB

Pat Farrington – U of Southern Maine – Pat Farrington Hockey DB

Josh Hillegas – U of Southern Maine – Josh Hillegas Hockey DB

Brandon Reagan – U of Southern Maine – Brandon Reagan Hockey DB

Jeff Teglia U MASS – Jeff Teglia Hockey DB

Zane Gothberg/McIntyre – U of  North Dakota/ Bruins Draft pick – Zane Gothburg/McIntyre Hockey DB

John Keeney –  U of Alaska Fairbanks – John Keeney Hockey DB

Rasmus Tirronen – Merrimack College – Rasmus Tirronen Hockey DB

Nick Deery – NAHL/MJHL – Nick Deery Hockey DB

Mackenzie Sawyer – NAHL – Mackenzie Sawyer Hockey DB

Andrew Pikul – CCHL/NAHL/Robert Morris University – Andrew Pikul Hockey DB

Evan McCarthy – NAHL – Evan McCarthy Hockey DB

Trevor Gorsuch – NAHL – Trevor Gorsuch Hockey DB

Ryan Ruck – USHL – Ryan Ruck Hockey DB

Greg Ogard – U of Denver –  Greg Ogard Hockey DB

David Jacobson – St Norberts College – David Jacobson Hockey DB

Cooper Cook – NAHL – Cooper Cook Hockey DB

Jared D’Amico – AJHL/U of Alaska, Anchorage – Jared D’Amico Hockey DB
Tyger Howat – BCHL/NAHL – Tyger Howat Hockey DB

Chris Holden Acadia U CIS – Chris Holden Hockey DB

Jordan Marr – Finlandia University – Jordan Marr Hockey DB

Parker Butler – NAHL – Parker Butler Hockey DB
Jacob Dittmer Lincoln Draft Pick

Eric Hancock – NAHL –  Eric Hancock Hockey DB

Yoshi Kuroiwa – NAHL – Yoshi Kuroiwa Hockey DB

Steve Thulin – USPHL/ UCONN – Steve Thulin Hockey DB

Teke Murphy – WSHL

Sage Broda – EHL – Sage Broda

Spencer Krul – ECEL – Spencer Krul

Frank Cundiff – USPHL – Frank Kundiff Hockey DB

Thomson Phinney  – Thomson Phinney

Anthony Aureliano – USPHL – Anthony Aureliano

Stephano Cantali – QJHL – Stephano Cantali Hockey DB

Jared Cable – USPHL – Jared Cable

Linden Marshall – BCHL – Linden Marshall Hockey DB

Braedon Fleming – BCHL –Braedon Fleming Hockey DB

Noah Brennen – USP3 – Noah Brennen

Adam Conkling – WSHL – Adam Conkling

Dean Shatzer – ECAC – Dean Shatzer Hockey DB



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