2020 Junior Prospects Advising During COVID

During these unprecedented times, teams will now more than ever rely on trusted recommendations from their network of sources. 

In light of the ongoing COVID health crisis, we have decided to pivot our 2020 Prospects Showcase to a year-round advising and mentorship opportunity. 

Our primary goal remains: create Junior opportunities for goaltenders.

In addition, a secondary goal has risen: mentor and advise goalies through uncertainty.

We will enable you make the most of this adverse situation and continue working toward your dreams.

2019 Showcase

Prospects - 2020

COVID-Related Adjustments

Because of the ongoing COVID health issues, we have decided to cancel the in-person element and transition to a fully-remote evaluation, mentoring and advising process.

Our goal remains: to create Junior opportunities for you. But now we're on a different timeline.

You may have seen that the NAHL is holding a new Supplemental Draft May 12th. Nobody will be able to hold camps in time for that, which means nobody is getting in front of those teams. 

But you could. We have accelerated our timeline to get you in front of NAHL teams when nobody else is able to.

This also means that our registration has to lock soon, so we can deliver for our goalies. We will close registration this SUNDAY, April 19th. 

You have some questions, here are answers.

How will this work?

Our technical analysis and on-ice evaluation will come in the form of video review. Our scouting reports will be based on your film from the 2019-20 season. The athletic assessment will be conducted virtually, again through video. Vision assessments and Personality profiles and classroom will all be conducted virtually.

Our coaches and instructors will evaluate your game through video and Zoom meeting software.

How will we get goalies opportunities?

The entire Junior tryout process is in upheaval currently. Now more than ever, teams will rely on trusted sources and recommendations from established networks.

Teams are still looking for goalies, even though the tryouts aren't happening! There's nowhere else to go. How else are you going to get on the radar right now?

The teams we work with have all expressed deep need. We are actively expanding our roster of partner teams, increasing our footprint. Everyone is in the same boat here. Teams that normally rely on camps to fill their goalie needs now have no pipeline. We are that pipeline.

How will this work?

Read below. We've devoted an entire section to describe exactly what our process will be.

What is the timeline?

To ensure that we can provide these services to our goalies in full, a hard registration deadline is set April 19.

You can see a full timeline lower on this page. Click the sidebar that says "Timeline".

Continue reading below for more details & information.



You can understand our process in the following 4 parts

  1. We collect your data, video, and conduct assessments remotely

  2. Analyze your game and current abilities. Create an individual profile & scouting report

  3. Match you with teams that will be a fit & promote

  4. Conduct ongoing goaltender development (for 2020-21 season)

Game Play, Technique & Skills Analysis

We will accomplish the on-ice portion through game and practice video. You send your film in, and we will analyze, evaluate, and create a scouting report similar to what you would have received at camp.

Video can be that which you filmed over the season, or acquired from streaming services (HockeyTV) as a secondary resource if you don't have video of your own.

The video will be uploaded and posted to your personal profile, to distribute to teams and coaches we work with (more on the profile below).

Athleticism Evaluation

Athleticism will be evaluated virtually. You will be provided video explanation and PDF detail for how to properly execute the exercises and the necessary materials required. 

We will schedule times for goaltenders to execute their exercises under the supervision of one of our instructors (through Zoom). We will release the workout details on a rolling basis, related to your testing date. You will be allowed exactly 3 days to prepare before your test time. 

To illustrate, let's say you're scheduled to test on April 27th. You will receive test information on April 24th. You can use this lead time to practice and prepare your space for your test slot. 

Nobody will access the workout and exercise information before their 3-day prep period. Tests will be scheduled beginning April 27th. 

Personality Assessment & Classroom

The personality assessment will be completed on your own time. Our Performance Mindset and Personality classroom will take place on Saturday, May 23rd on Zoom. This is the ONLY opportunity for the classroom session. Parents are more than welcome to join the conference.

Vision Performance

We are working with McDonald Eye Care to deliver virtual vision training and evaluation as well. There is equipment that we won't be able to use virtually, but we will have quantifiable tests to do with you. You will also receive a season's worth of vision training exercises. 

The Vision Performance tests will be conducted in the same manner as the Athleticism Evaluation, including the 3-day prep time, to become familiar with the exercises and acquire necessary materials.

Online Profile

Your online profile is the core reason why we can provide this service. Coaches and teams will rely more heavily on us and our recommendation this year compared to in the past. 

Here is a quick video to show you an example what the finished online profile product will be.

Continue reading on below unless you're ready to start (click button)

In-Season Advising and Support


Scott Langer
Head Coach 
Aberdeen Wings NAHL

We are proud to support the CPGS Prospects Camp as we believe that it will help us evaluate the top talent available for our club. I would strongly recommend any goalie who is looking to play for our club attend

Cary Eades
Head Coach
Fargo Force USHL

We fully endorse this camp. Not only do you receive great instruction, but Steve and his staff work very hard to place players with teams. We have taken goalies they recommend directly into our Fargo Force camp (which is usually a week or two later).

Paul Dyck
Head Coach
Steinbach Pistons MJHL

We have used Steve, Josh, and the CPGS prospects camp to provide us with a top goaltender this past season. We are extremely pleased with CPGS and we will be using their services again to fill our future goaltending needs


Our Alumni

Success Stories

Our family is forever growing. We are so proud of the work that each and every one of them put into becoming the best and realizing their dreams. We do not claim to have "created" these goalies, they're the ones that have put in the work...rather we've partnered with them along their journey.


This is listed based on the highest level our goalies were able to achieve. Many of them were placed at lower levels (such as the NAHL or USHL) before climbing the ranks into college and pro hockey. This list includes only goalies who were placed in Juniors, many more are still at the High School & Midget levels.

Coaching 2 Connect

Personality and Performance

Mindset Coaches

Coaching 2 Connect conducts our Personality Assessments and leads an insightful classroom session designed to familiarize goaltenders with their personalities, improve leadership skills, and mental & emotional performance.

McDonald Eye Care

Visual Performance Experts & Assessment

McDonald Eye Care conducts the Sports Vision evaluation and assessment at the camp. They work with NHL players and teams, and privately with top goaltenders across the country.


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